Chief Creative Officer

It's all about the work and the creative process. Our consistent theme when working with clients is to always consider how our design impacts the brand to genuinely inspire consumers. Our daily motivation is to unleash your brands potential on every project we work on.



Chief Strategy Officer

It’s all about the branding. At the heart of great brands are great relationships. Intimately understanding the needs of a brand's stakeholders, and ultimately of its consumers, and then becoming "one with them." These relationships allow us to challenge conventional wisdom. Because, at the end of the day, if we didn't explore every possible scenario which might impact a brand's transformation, we haven't done our job.

Seve and Charlie have been indulging in their passion for strategic design for the last 30+ years.
Starting out as friends who become “friendly” competitors, they merged their agencies in 2004 to create the firm we are today. They believe strong relationships fuel the best work.

This has resulted in long lasting client relationships (some for over 30 years) and a staff that has grown with the business. Every client, large, small, existing or new receives the same hands-on attention from these creative and strategic thought leaders.

Under their guidance, the Zunda team turns unparalleled insights into game changing, brand building results that leave no potential behind.